REM to visit Europe for promotion with KS

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from “Plans are to go pretty much anywhere that will have us, including a special, small show in London promoted by Radio 2, Festival Bar in Italy, Live with Luuk in Stockholm, the Comet Awards Show on VIVA in Germany, Top of the Pops…”

there have been some rumors based on some info that was posted on this site about other shows, and these were based on pure speculation on my part. I hear a lot of things regarding possibilities in REM’s schedule, and occasionally wires get crossed and something that isn’t happening gets listed as happening. I try to be extremely scrupulous about accuracy in all respects of my life, but especially about what I present to the public. I offer my most sincere apologies to anyone who may have been misled by the content of this page. Trust that REM’s statement above, taken from their official website, is the last word on their upcoming activities that I will be participating in.

on a lighter note…check the latest issue of MOJO magazine with the cover article about the Beatles summer 1964 US tour…the issue comes with one of two free CDs of American artists covering Beatles songs…Vol. 1 Leads off with the Posies version of “I’m Looking through You” recorded for the Royal Tennenbaums but ultimately not incl. in the film, plus killer covers of the Fabs by everyone from Billy Preston to…well…just check it out.

REM Gig Details Leaked

REM’s hush-hush plan to play next week’s Make Trade Fair Live show in London has been leaked.

Keyboard player Ken Stringfellow blew the gaff on the internet fansite

Details of the concert, which is due to be held at the Hammersmith Apollo a week tomorrow, had been a closely-guarded secet.

According to an industry source, the identity of the headline act was to have been revealed only when they walked onstage.

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Jon to perform at No Vote Left Behind benefit

Pearl Jam among bands to play at fundraising concert

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

No Vote Left Behind, a political action committee that aims to raise money for the Kerry-Edwards campaign, and others, has announced a Sept. 23-26 festival/fundraiser, in Seattle.

Pearl Jam, Queensryche, David Cross, Mudhoney, John Doe, Grant-Lee Phillips, Pansy Division Jon Auer (of the Posies), Kinski, El Vez and others will perform at the Crocodile, Showbox, Sunset Tavern, Tractor Tavern, Neumo’s, Graceland and the Comet Tavern, among others. The complete line-up, with specific times and dates, will be announced after Labor Day. Tickets go on sale Sept. 10.

No Vote Left Behind is a Seattle-based organization with roots in the Seattle music community. Because tickets are a political donation, federal regulations require buyers to be 18 years old and registered U.S. citizens.

(Seattle Times)

Last minute KS in-stores announced


Electric Fetus

2000 4th Ave South

Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 870-1747

Tuesday August 3rd at 5pm

Aquarius Records

1055 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 647-2272

Saturday August 7th at 5pm


I am looking pretty good, equipment wise (some say this hawaiian shirt i have on *also* looks good) –still coming up short for keys (see other posts for what i’m looking for) in Chapel Hill and Cleveland (see tour dates). For all the other folks that have come thru, I humbly thank you! Ohioans, I needs you!


ile de re FRANCE

KS NEEDS GEAR (mirrored from

Any fans in DC area: I will be playing the Jammin Java with Jesse Sykes on July 23… I am looking for gear to borrow! A kurzweil keyboard, or similar, with realistic piano sound, sustain pedal, weighted keys, and stand; and a fender amp or similar with reverb. I will think of some kind of prize. Come to think of it, July 21 at the Middle East in Boston is also supposed to be with Jesse and I need the same stuff that night. OK, I have already mentioned two of the dates, I will put the confirmed ones up ASAP. I’m looking for a keyboard in Chapel Hill (July 24) and Cleveland (Aug. 1). And the keyboard/amp combo in Minneapolis (Aug. 3). I know it sounds weird, usually musicians bring their own stuff, and I am… I’m bringing a guitar, I just couldn’t imagine fitting all that other stuff on that plane (and having it survive). If you can assist me in any of these cases… is standing by.