In response to an article about Kurt Cobain – 1994

By Ken Stringfellow, 1994

From the Seattle Times, April 15, 1994, page F1: (in response to a column by Erik Lacitis titled “Rock Star’s anguish hard to understand,” on April 12)

“When Erik Lacitis becomes famous, finds he is surrounded by people expecting him to answer all questions on all subjects, when any word spoken by him and taken out of context might cause people he’s never met to hate him viciously, when anyone trying to be his friend might turn out to be a gold digger, when he has to sacrifice any notion of privacy for the rest of his life, when ‘crowds of adoring fans’ could at any time contain a Mark David Chapman, when the strong, intelligent statements he creates are diluted into fist-waving slogans by millions, when someone rapes a girl while reciting his words, then I will take seriously the comments he makes about anguish.”

— Ken Stringfellow, Seattle