JA performs Radiohead with the Seattle Rock Orchestra TONIGHT!

Following the success of their take on both Funeral by the Arcade Fire and the music of David Bowie, The Seattle Rock Orchestra turns its attention to Radiohead, performing The Bends and OK Computer at The Moore Theater in Seattle, Saturday Feb. 19 @ 8pm. Jon will sing “Fake Plastic Trees” “Bones” and “Nice Dream” and perhaps a surprise number at the end of the evening. Rachel Flotard of Visqueen, Joshua Morrison, and John Van Deusen of The Lonely Forest are among the other guest singers. More info here.

Posies Press Round-Up

The Posies appeared on Seattle’s 107.7 The End last week – check out their session here, with performances of “The Glitter Prize” and “Licenses To Hide.”

The Line of Best Fit asks Ken & Jon the same questions in separate interviews, for an interesting take.

Extensive interview with UberRock.

Jon talked to MTV music book club Jerzy Kosinski’s “Being There”

Jon shares the inspiration for the title of BLOOD/CANDY with Stereo Subversion:

It’s actually kind of from a poem by this guy named Thax Douglas. He’s this kind of local poet in the Chicago area that would come to rock shows and he would write poems for the bands about the bands at their performances. One of the phrases he used to describe us was something about blood candy. I think he was talking about how there is this totally sweet, harmonious side to what we do, but also there’s a lot of passion. There’s also more of a darker undercurrent than just maybe what the melodic, harmonious side might imply.

Spinner covers what to expect on the upcoming tour, and the Philadelphia Examiner asks about influences behind the new album.

Spanish-language interview from the Heineken’s website.

Gail Worley reviews BLOOD/CANDY as her ‘Rad CD of the Week’, and UK Music Review gives it 9/10

Stereogum premieres the first single “The Glitter Prize,” and it’s also featured on Spin’s October playlist.

‘Blood/Candy’ Interview On Huffington Post

Read all about the Posies new album ‘Blood/Candy’ in this exclusive interview on Huffington Post, by Tony Sachs.

The idea for a new album came about during the Frosting On The Beater anniversary tour in 2008, and according to Stringfellow, a meeting with Rykodisc in ’09 really set the wheels in motion. “They were enthusiastic enough to say, ‘Hey, we should really make this happen, and soon.’ And we were like, ‘Sounds like a great idea.’ Starting last year, we had the idea to start recording by this spring, knowing that we had to write some songs.”

Blood/Candy is the first Posies album for which Auer and Stringfellow actually wrote material in advance of the recording sessions since Amazing Disgrace in 1996. “One of the things I was hoping to do on this record,” says Auer, “was go back to the idea of Ken and me writing most of the songs, versus the last recording we did, where we kind of cobbled things together in the studio with everyone. I just felt like we needed to have that time to prepare and actually sit down and write.” As a result, Stringfellow says, “I would say that I feel the songs on this one a bit deeper… there’s stuff from way down in there that I think gives it a little more soul.”

Click here to read the entire interview.

‘Blood/Candy’ tracklist:

1. Plastic Paperbacks
2. The Glitter Prize
3. Licenses To Hide
4. So Caroline
5. Take Care Of Yourself
6. Cleopatra Street
7. For The Ashes
8. Accidental Architecture
9. She’s Coming Down Again!
10. Notion 99
11. Holiday Hours
12. Enewetak

It’s Official

Jon shares the news on Facebook

pleased to announce: 1) The Posies will play “Frosting On The Beater” in its’ entirety on 4/17/10 @ The Crocodile in Seattle, WA 2) A handful of hours after said Crocodile show, freshly rocked Posies will leave Seattle for the south of Spain to begin recording a new album for release in 2010, and 3) The Posies will also play all new material for said new album @ The Crocodile on 4/17/10 as well. For rizzle! Tickets go on sale online 2/6/10 @ TheCrocodile.com


For the most up-to-date information, follow @theposies on Twitter!



Fresh off the Bob Mould/Spiral Stairs tour, Jon flies to Minneapolis for two sold-out shows at The Olde Town Creamery in Maple Lake, MN on 10.23 and 10.24.

Also, find a link to Driven By Boredom’s blog and excellent photos from the recent Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Brooklyn, NY which Jon performed at here.

“Posies front man Jon Auer gave the crowd a short musical break which was not without humor as he asked a girl in the front row to take a picture of him on stage so he could prove to his mom that he did a show with Eugene Mirman.”


Due to the abrupt departure of bassist Jason Narducy from the Bob Mould/Spiral Stairs tour Jon is currently on (Jason’s wife was about to give birth), Jon will now be playing bass with Bob and drummer extraordinaire Jon Wurster for the last two shows of the “Life and Times” tour. Jon has done his best to learn 18 songs in the last 40 hours (songs from every era of Mould’s career btw) and is thrilled to be confirmed for these dates:

10/19 Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour
10/20 San Diego (Solana Beach), CA @ The Belly Up

Jon will still be playing with Spiral Stairs both nights as well.

(P.S. Jason Narducy made it home one hour before the birth of his daughter…Congratulations!)