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Last night’s REM show in Mexico City was outstanding, and despite the fact that Mssrs. Buck and McOi were weathering some food blues, they soldiered on, bolstered by a wonderful audience of some 12,000-14,000 people. I saw something I had never seen an audience do before: during the song “Wanted to Be Wrong” which has a slow but steady beat, the crowd both clapped on the snare (a refreshing change when an audience can find 2 & 4 in a measure) and flicked their lighters on and off to the beat…creating a “thousand strobing fireflies” effect (previously an entree on a chinese menu, or a Magnetic Fields song)…beautiful. The roar that arose at the top of “Everybody Hurts” and “Losing My Rel.” was louder than the level onstage by a fair piece, I had to count in my head and hope I came out on the beat when the noise subsided. It made the corner of my eyes squirt little tears, to feel that big surge of love and joy from so many people. Our guide during our day at Teotihuan, Gorilla, was very visible in a bright red shirt in the 5th row…he brought us some very lovely things, crytals and a kind of champagne cider…he knows there are many routes to the mystic planes, and we love him for that. After the show we were whisked out in a string of CIA-looking SUVs, with a death defying police cruiser leading the way…a couple of merges looked like somebody was going to eat concrete but there was nary a scratch all told. We had a gathering in the Hotel Habita’s hipster oasis, rooftop style, I was speaking broken French and Spanish and being forgiven (rocker immunity). Finally returned from some noisy club or other at about 6 this morning–my gracious thanks to Eduardo and Laura for ferrying me around and preventing from paying for drinks!

I have the latest flight out, 9:30 tonight direct to CDG, so I am the last one at the hotel, thus when I went out in the (late) afternoon I dined at a taqueria solo, strolled thru the neighborhood a bit, doves pecking around, flower petals wilting in the gutter, forcing all that technicolor dusk to get in there, keep that memory…which is a sign I must be going on. I feel like I’ve been in town for a month, but it was a well-lived 4 days.

Cold World glory, be ye prepared.



Mexico City

REM to visit Europe for promotion with KS

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from remhq.com: “Plans are to go pretty much anywhere that will have us, including a special, small show in London promoted by Radio 2, Festival Bar in Italy, Live with Luuk in Stockholm, the Comet Awards Show on VIVA in Germany, Top of the Pops…”

there have been some rumors based on some info that was posted on this site about other shows, and these were based on pure speculation on my part. I hear a lot of things regarding possibilities in REM’s schedule, and occasionally wires get crossed and something that isn’t happening gets listed as happening. I try to be extremely scrupulous about accuracy in all respects of my life, but especially about what I present to the public. I offer my most sincere apologies to anyone who may have been misled by the content of this page. Trust that REM’s statement above, taken from their official website, is the last word on their upcoming activities that I will be participating in.

on a lighter note…check the latest issue of MOJO magazine with the cover article about the Beatles summer 1964 US tour…the issue comes with one of two free CDs of American artists covering Beatles songs…Vol. 1 Leads off with the Posies version of “I’m Looking through You” recorded for the Royal Tennenbaums but ultimately not incl. in the film, plus killer covers of the Fabs by everyone from Billy Preston to…well…just check it out.

REM Gig Details Leaked

REM’s hush-hush plan to play next week’s Make Trade Fair Live show in London has been leaked.

Keyboard player Ken Stringfellow blew the gaff on the internet fansite www.murmurs.com

Details of the concert, which is due to be held at the Hammersmith Apollo a week tomorrow, had been a closely-guarded secet.

According to an industry source, the identity of the headline act was to have been revealed only when they walked onstage.

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REM is leaving soon to do promotion for their upcoming album, ‘Around the Sun’–on which I play keyboards on a few tracks–the album comes out next month on Warner Bros. We’ll be appearing on radio and TV all over Europe–incl. Top of the Pops in the UK/Germany, the Viva Comet Awards in Germany (Sept. 24th on VIVA), Parkinson’s show in the BBC UK (Sept. 16th), Festivalbar Finale in Italy (Sept. 18) and Quelli Che il Calcio TV in Italy (Sept. 19), Live with Luuk in Sweden (Sept. 22), and the Oxfam Wateraid show in London Sept. 14. There’s also a couple of other bits for UK radio and TV, etc.

The songs and brief interview I recorded for WUGA in Athens GA will air on WUGA September 11th at 4pm.

You can listen live to WUGA at: http://www.wuga.org

During the REM promo tour and my brief time home my laptop is going in the shop! So I may post a little less between now and my return to the states on the 25th.

We posted a few choice shots from the tour in the photos section…if anybody has one you think the site can’t live without, send it along! We will put it up if we feel the same way!



Athens GA