It’s Official

Jon shares the news on Facebook

pleased to announce: 1) The Posies will play “Frosting On The Beater” in its’ entirety on 4/17/10 @ The Crocodile in Seattle, WA 2) A handful of hours after said Crocodile show, freshly rocked Posies will leave Seattle for the south of Spain to begin recording a new album for release in 2010, and 3) The Posies will also play all new material for said new album @ The Crocodile on 4/17/10 as well. For rizzle! Tickets go on sale online 2/6/10 @

One thought on “It’s Official

  1. So……I guess I will *ALWAYS* have to travel FOM FRIGGIN FLORIDA to see the Posies?!?!…..ah well. At least it’s the day before my birthday– plane tickets, here I come…….

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