‘Blood/Candy’ Interview On Huffington Post

Read all about the Posies new album ‘Blood/Candy’ in this exclusive interview on Huffington Post, by Tony Sachs.

The idea for a new album came about during the Frosting On The Beater anniversary tour in 2008, and according to Stringfellow, a meeting with Rykodisc in ’09 really set the wheels in motion. “They were enthusiastic enough to say, ‘Hey, we should really make this happen, and soon.’ And we were like, ‘Sounds like a great idea.’ Starting last year, we had the idea to start recording by this spring, knowing that we had to write some songs.”

Blood/Candy is the first Posies album for which Auer and Stringfellow actually wrote material in advance of the recording sessions since Amazing Disgrace in 1996. “One of the things I was hoping to do on this record,” says Auer, “was go back to the idea of Ken and me writing most of the songs, versus the last recording we did, where we kind of cobbled things together in the studio with everyone. I just felt like we needed to have that time to prepare and actually sit down and write.” As a result, Stringfellow says, “I would say that I feel the songs on this one a bit deeper… there’s stuff from way down in there that I think gives it a little more soul.”

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‘Blood/Candy’ tracklist:

1. Plastic Paperbacks
2. The Glitter Prize
3. Licenses To Hide
4. So Caroline
5. Take Care Of Yourself
6. Cleopatra Street
7. For The Ashes
8. Accidental Architecture
9. She’s Coming Down Again!
10. Notion 99
11. Holiday Hours
12. Enewetak

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