The Anti-Hit List

by John Sakamoto


9. KEN STRINGFELLOW, “Don’t Die”: Like the best of Stringfellow’s post-Posies output, this galloping anti-war statement has so much going on within its deceptively rigid pop-song structure, it takes three listens just to get your bearings. The militaristic rhythms are draped with swaths of orchestration, the lyrics rhyme da Vinci and Medici, and yet somehow it all comes together in the end. (From Soft Commands,, out July 13)

Jon Auer Teaching Class at University of Washington

Arranging and Producing Your Songs

In this course, students turn their songs into more polished studio demo recordings. This will include expert insight into pre-production, basic tracks, overdubbing, vocal recording, mixing and mastering, and shopping the product in the professional world. Working in the studio with an audio recording engineer, students can expect to have several polished recordings. Students will participate in a public performance featuring the original songs. Students from the UW School of Music may be tapped to accompany songwriters in the production of CD recordings and/or live performances.

Schedule: Wednesdays, March 23-May 25, 2005; $535; 3 CEUs

Instructor: Jon Auer