Ken Stringfellow Equipment

Ken was interviewed in 1998 via e-mail by Guitar Geek.

Guitars Danelectro U2 Electric Guitar (reissue), 1960’s Gretsch Corvette Electric Guitar.
Amps Fender BandMaster Blackface Head.
Cabinets Fender Bandmaster Cabinet / 2×12.
Pedals Ibanez PT-9 Phaser, ProCo Rat II Overdrive/Distortion.

Ken’s gear for R.E.M., courtesy of Athens Music (photos taken in R.E.M.’s rehearsal hall prior to the fall 2004 tour).

Keyboard setup as seen from Bill Rieflin’s seat.

From Michael Stipe’s seat.

Roland sythesizer (provides various synth sounds), Kurtzweil PC88 (a standard electric piano), Hammond B-3 organ (standard organ in a stripped-down case), Nord syntesizer (vintage synth sounds), Wurlitzer electric piano (1960’s piano with tremolo effect).

Pro Co Rat (distortion pedal), Kurtzweil sustain pedal (acts like a real piano substain pedal), Boss DD-3 digital delay (creates echoes), Charlie Stringer Snarling Dog (wah-wah tone control pedal).