Failure – 15th Anniversary Re-release

Failure - 15th Anniversary Re-releaseReleased 2003
Label Houston Party
Produced Jonathan Auer & Kenneth Stringfellow
Engineered & Mixed Jonathan with help from Chris McClurken and Kenneth
Recorded On eight tracks at Studio X and Nor’sound, Bellingham, Washington. December 1987 – February 1988
Re-Mastered: Rick Fishcer at RFICD
Video Conversion: Jim Larkins at Resources Online

Liner notes: Scott McCaughey, Joe Williams, Veronika Kalmar, and various letter-writers from the magazine Backlash.

Jon’s notes on the bonus tracks
“I May Hate You Sometimes (demo) – Jon and Ken, Featuring J on bass instead of K. Recorded at Nor’sound.
Paint Me (demo) – Love that Yamaha RX-11 drum machine. All instruments Jon, recorded at Nor’sound.
Like Me Too (demo) – Jon and Ken, recorded at Nor’sound.
Alison Hubard (inst.) – Pscyhadelic intro morphs into obscure Beatles “homage.” Lyrics do exist but never for public consumption. Jon and Ken at Nor’sound.
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan (inst.) – Haunting melodic progression and nice Aldous Huxley reference. All instruments Ken, recorded on a casette four-track in a University of Washington dorm room.
Blind Eyes Open (inst.) – Ken’s hyper blueprint, same four-track, same dorm room. Ends early because the source tape is incomplete.
I May Hate You Sometimes & Compliment? (alternate versions) – Big budget reverb-ladden twenty-four track recreations recorded and mixed by Sir John Leckie of “Dear 23” fame. Featuring Arthur Rick Roberts on bass and Michael Chad Musburger on drums.

Cover design: Beau Fredericks and Nathan Breskin-Auer
Photographs: Jill Goodejohn

Also includes the “I May Hate You Sometimes” video.

01. Blind Eyes Open
02. The Longest Line
03. Under Easy
04. Like Me Too
05. I May Hate You Sometimes
06. Ironing Tuesdays
07. Paint Me
08. Believe in Something Other (Than Yourself)
09. Compliment?
10. At Least for Now
11. Uncombined
12. What Little Remains
13. I May Hate You Sometimes (demo)
14. Paint Me (demo)
15. Like Me Too (demo)
16. Alison Hubbard (instrumental)
17. After Many A Summer Dies The Swan (Instrumental)
18. Blind Eyes Open (Instrumental Demo)
19. I May Hate You Sometimes (Alternate Version)
20. Compliment? (Alternate Version)