KS NEEDS GEAR (mirrored from kenstringfellow.com)

Any fans in DC area: I will be playing the Jammin Java with Jesse Sykes on July 23… I am looking for gear to borrow! A kurzweil keyboard, or similar, with realistic piano sound, sustain pedal, weighted keys, and stand; and a fender amp or similar with reverb. I will think of some kind of prize. Come to think of it, July 21 at the Middle East in Boston is also supposed to be with Jesse and I need the same stuff that night. OK, I have already mentioned two of the dates, I will put the confirmed ones up ASAP. I’m looking for a keyboard in Chapel Hill (July 24) and Cleveland (Aug. 1). And the keyboard/amp combo in Minneapolis (Aug. 3). I know it sounds weird, usually musicians bring their own stuff, and I am… I’m bringing a guitar, I just couldn’t imagine fitting all that other stuff on that plane (and having it survive). If you can assist me in any of these cases…ken@kenstringfellow.com is standing by.


Jon Auer Teaching Class at University of Washington

Arranging and Producing Your Songs

In this course, students turn their songs into more polished studio demo recordings. This will include expert insight into pre-production, basic tracks, overdubbing, vocal recording, mixing and mastering, and shopping the product in the professional world. Working in the studio with an audio recording engineer, students can expect to have several polished recordings. Students will participate in a public performance featuring the original songs. Students from the UW School of Music may be tapped to accompany songwriters in the production of CD recordings and/or live performances.

Schedule: Wednesdays, March 23-May 25, 2005; $535; 3 CEUs

Instructor: Jon Auer