Friends, Colleagues, and Today’s Stars Remember Kurt Cobain – 2004

Spin Magazine, April 2004

Ken Stringfellow
(The Posies, R.E.M.)

“We [the Posies] were rehearsing at the same practice space as Nirvana at the time Nevermind came out, and I could tell they were starting to head somewhere else at ’92 approached. I remember coming by the space one night after they rehearsed, and the whole floor was just covered with spent whippets [nitrous oxide chargers] – it looked like 400 of them. I swear they were on there for two hours. I was in such a different place. I thought music was like a sacred space. I was sort of green at that time. There was this show at Motor Sports International in 1990, and it was big. And I could definitely feel that suddenly all the kids were galcanized into this universal excitement. That’s when I started realizing that it wasn’t just a local phenomenon – it was a social change in a way. It was like a wave of energy that really vitalized everyone under the afe of 40. It was that generation’s biggest statement so far.”