Jon Heads To Japan For Solo Tour

After much speculation, Mr. Auer finally makes his way to Japan, due in no small part to the efforts Mr. Tadd Igarashi. Here are the dates:

6.30 @ Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan
7.2 @ Thumbs Up, Yokohama, Japan
7.3 @ 7th Floor, Tokyo, Japan
7.4 @ Club Wonder, Osaka, Japan

Also, Songs from the Year of Our Demise will receive a deluxe Japanese release complete with six extra Japan only bonus tracks on the Moor Works Label, available mid July.

The extra tracks are:

“Instrumental from the Year of Our Demise”
“One Way Street” (band version)
“Twice Tried Advice”
“The Sun Also Sets”
“Dead Summer” (demo)
“I’d Light a Candle” (demo)

For more info on the shows, visit JA’s MySpace page:

Jon Announces Fall Tour And More

Jon will be doing a tour of the UK and Europe this fall, and the dates are posted on the tour page now. Keep checking back, as there are still a couple dates he is finalizing and will be adding in the coming weeks!

Also, the European release of ‘Songs From The Year Of Our Demise’ (including three unheard bonus tracks – ‘Such Is The Light,’ ‘Queen of Darkness’, and the demo of a song called ‘One Way Street’) will be available in most countries in Europe in mid-October, and for the UK, you will be able to find it at the beginning of November.

He was interviewed by MARKED online music magazine at the end of September, and you can read that feature here.

Lastly, check out this performance of ‘Six Feet Under’ from a show back in June on youtube, and all of the other Posies videos on the site.

Posies’ Auer Making Plans For ‘Demise’

Jon Auer has had a busy year. He’s currently touring Europe as co-frontman of the Posies, whose first album in seven years was released in June. And as previously reported, he played a major role with “In Space,” the upcoming Rykodisc album by the reunited Big Star.

But don’t blame him if he’s looking ahead a bit, because the veteran artist is also planning to drop his first bona fide solo album, “Songs From the Year of Our Demise,” early in 2006 on Pattern25 Records. The 15-track set represents the past half-decade in Auer’s life.

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‘Songs from the Year of Our Demise’ – January 2006

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And now for the bad news…After all the trials and tribulations, long lonely late night hours, a million and one morning stars counted, and many of what can now be officially labeled “Odes to Wishful Thinking”, “Songs from the Year of Our Demise” will not be released in the near future as I’d originally hoped. Simply put, there just isn’t enough time to do it any real justice as we’ve almost entered the realm of the Posies pre-release/tour press and such. Further prolonging my “masterpiece” from being released, Big Star is all set to put out our new record in late August/early September so the soonest mine really has a chance of reaching your patient hands is…………………..January 2006.


Hell, it may even be a little later than that depending on how well the Posies stuff goes. Not the way I wanted it, but it’s really all because of me and my “perfectionism” and all that “I-Love-Stanley-Kubrick-He’s-My-Idol” stuff so there’s no one else to point a finger at but yours truly. The way I look at it, at least the record is done and I’m finally getting a little sleep. As a bonus, my label couldn’t be happier with the final product and the people who have heard it say it was worth the wait (“But for fuck’s sake” they pointedly add, “don’t you dare take so long to make the next one!”). Some have even expressed how they were quite surprise by some of the material and all the attention to detail. To my ears, this can only be positive news and it’s nice to know you can still surprise those so familiar. So yes, I’ll have some waiting to do (the hardest part) but I’m already plotting the solo future after the Posies and Big Star finish doing their thing. When you think about it, we’re talking about another nine months of waiting or so and time moving the way it does for me these days, “Songs from the Year of Our Demise” is practically just around the corner. Plus, when I do actually tour, I’m going to go full tilt and do more shows and play more places than I would’ve been able too had I started in May of this year. And, in spite of it all, I’m still considering doing a few shows in the major cites of the US and maybe a show in London and/or Amsterdam before the Posies and Big Star start taking up all manner of available time from July 15th until the end of 2005. No promises or dates yet, but I’d sure like it to happen

‘Songs from the Year of Our Demise’ completed

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Certainly I have envisioned this moment a multitude of times in the last 6 months or so, so without further delay, I’d like to tell you this record I’ve been methodically dragging into existence, “Songs from the Year of Our Demise”, is finally done. I finished the mastering a handful of hours ago and I have to say I am extremely exhausted in the most euphoric kind of way. Now it’s time to get a little rest and then get on with the rest, that being what to do next and when to do it all.
Check back over the next few days as there will be more updates. Along with posting an image of the cover art on their website, I will be writing a piece for the Pattern 25 home page as well. At the present time, I’m going to drink a bottle of good red stuff and call it a night.
See you in the morning,